Friday, January 18, 2013


I just want to quickly say thank you for the lovely comments I've received this week, every single one has made my week just that little bit better. Yesterday was a bit of a shocker, but I've bounced back today and tackled that Cuzco quilt!

I did a bit of sneaky maths and worked out that I could stitch my too-small triangles into pairs to use them as side setting triangles, with a little bit of Fandango thrown in to give me the required number. I must say I'm quite pleased with how its looking!
Cuzco quilt, unfinished
It still needs a trim and then two borders, but it's not a bad start to January. Hopefully I can sneak in a bit of time tomorrow to get it finished.
Cuzco quilt, unfinished
I have a lovely weekend of socialising ahead of my; my oldest, bestest friend got in touch and said "let's catch up Sunday, breakfast or lunch, yours or mine, home or out, it's up to you". Who doesn't love friends like that!


Dresden Quilter said...

It looks fabulous!

a good yarn said...

Great save! Your quilt looks amazing! Such a nice fabric range and you've really shown it off well. Sounds like your BFF knows just the right tonic. Enjoy!