Saturday, February 16, 2013


I'm half way through my four-day weekend in Brisbane, and while its nice to be away, I'm already looking forward to going home. I'm one of those people that likes to spend time on their own, and I'm really missing out on my alone-time.

It's already been a busy couple of days. I've babysat a few young family members, who live right along side the river with the most gorgeous view.

And eaten yummy cupcakes made by their mum.

I have lunch with a lovely group of older ladies, though I was the youngest by at least 30 years!

And I made a sneaky visit to a quilt shop that I happened to drive past. Even though I have my own shop, I don't stock every fabric and I love to support other local businesses. Even before I'd got out of the car I spotted a quilt I liked. It turned out to be Star Blossoms by Cotton Way, so I snapped up the pattern and the border fabrics.

I also found a fat eighth bundle of Marmalade that I'll tuck into my stash. I love this range!

Two more days then back to reality!


a good yarn said...

Pretty fabrics for your stash and a gorgeous quilt pattern. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Marg said...

I could have waved to you and you would have seen me!
Hope the weather hasn't been too wet for you.
Which shop did you drive past?

Robyn of Oz said...

Hi Kate
They say that change can be as good as a holiday, so being away and doing different things is GOOD for you!
I always buy quilt fabric when I'm away, even if it is that we've just gone for a drive!
I discovered a lovely little craft shop in the village of St Arnaud when I was up there a couple of weeks ago with hubby. I picked up a couple of charm square packs.
It is always a good thing to support local businesses!
Love your choices.