Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Qantas Lunch at Rockpool

I was a very lucky girl yesterday, to be invited to lunch at Rockpool Bar and Grill in Melbourne as a guest of Qantas. They are currently launching their new frequent flyer cards with an inbuilt cash passport (known as Qantas Cash), so lunch was a great opportunity to learn about the product, ask a few questions, and of course enjoy a fabulous meal.

The menu

One of the lovely entrees.

Steak main with sides including potato gratin.

Dessert: I had the pav which was just amazing (and huge!) but also snuck in a taste of my neighbours chocolate dessert.

A very enjoyable day all round, and Melbourne certainly put on some good weather for it.


Susan Snooks said...

My son worked as a chef there when it first opened! I can certainly vouch for the quality of the food there!

Marg said...

Lucky you, those photos are mouth-watering.

a good yarn said...

Oh my it all looks delicious!

Robyn of Oz said...

Lucky ducky! Although half that menu was probably not my food, it looks scrumptious and the desserts .. .. .. so jealous!