Monday, April 21, 2014

Beef Casserole

With the cooler weather upon us, there isn't much better than a slow-cooked meal to fill the belly. This beef casserole is a new discovery of mine and it was so good I'll definitely be making it again.

I used Oyster Blade for the meat; not too expensive and it always cooks beautifully.


I also added carrot and zucchini to mine, and excluded the mushrooms as I don't like them. This is what it looked like after almost three hours in the oven:

And with the dumplings cooked on top. My only suggestion is to make sure there is plenty of liquid before this step, as what was left in my pot evaporated with the lid off. 


You can find the recipe here.


Robyn of Oz said...

Nothing like a hearty stew/casserole on a chilly evening. :)
They're a staple in our house and ingredients-wise, it's about a good cut of meat and load up on veg. I throw in :
carrots, parsnip, turnip, celery, potato and just about anything else that I reckon fits in. If I've got zucchinis, I grate them in so that His Nibs doesn't know they are there. Same with yellow squash.
The dumplings on top look delicious. :)

a good yarn said...

I'm a sucker for dumplings. Thanks for the recipe link and tip about the liquid.