Sunday, September 14, 2014

Moda Love

If you've been following the Moda blog hop the last week or so, you'll have seen the Moda Love quilt pattern. It comes in small, medium and large depending on which pre-cut you use. After my mammoth Daydream effort, I need something small and easy to work on, so I'm making the charm square version.

I've cracked out an April Showwers charm pack and made all my HSTs. Hopefully Wednesday I can get the top assembled!


Robyn of Oz said...

It's a very cheerful looking design, Kate. And I know how you feel. I think after I made the quilt for my son and daughter in law, the next two quilt tops have been cot sized!
I look forward to seeing the progress of this one!

Sarah said...

I really like this quilt pattern. I haven't worked out which charm pack I'll crack for it yet. Possibly Daydream with a hot pink for the background. By the way, I'm reading your blog in Bloglovin and I just touched the butterfly which is your profile picture. It linked me through to an adult friend finder website which had a full frontal picture of a naked woman. Thought you might want to know this!