Friday, July 16, 2010

Bunny Brigade

I've been pursuing crafty activities of a non-quilting nature for the last week or so. Mostly this has to do with my plan to have a stall at a market; I'm tossing up between two different markets that would allow me to sell both hand-made goods and new fabrics.

My first softie is a bunny; after a few attempts I finally got a shape I was happy with, and these guys/gals are pretty cute. All they need now is a bow around the neck.

I've also whipped up a pile of jingle cubes; my friend's babies love them so I know they are a winner, and they are very quick and easy to make.

I've also finished that scarf I was working on; admittedly I actually finished it a week or so ago, but had dawdled on tying in the loose ends...


Kylie said...

Cute bunnies - love them xxx

a good yarn said...

Adorable bunnies! Love the scarf. Ann :-)

julia said...

Such a funny bunny parade, they're so cute! The scarf is beautiful - makes me wish I could knit ;O).
Good luck at the markets!

Liz Harrell said...

Thanks for commenting, your link is up!


Renee said...

your bunnies look great! Well done!