Friday, July 23, 2010


This week I had the first week of my DipEd (teaching degree), and it was intense. I only have two days each week, but they are 11 hour days, which means I leave home just after 7 in the morning, and get home a little after 8 at night. At the moment it's all a bit overwhelming, as I'm mid-year entry which means I don't have all the background from first semester that the other students have, but at least there are about 20 of us who all feel the same.

Even more overwhelming, we do our first school placement in 3 weeks! It's definitely going to be a bit like being tossed in the deep end, but I think once I get in to it I'm going to really enjoy it.

Not too much crafty progress this week. I made one of my bunnies for my friend's baby, Jasper, who turned one this week. His mum loved it, so hopefully he will too.

I've also been working on a scarf I started about three years ago; I'd finished all the knitting, but the last step is to drop specific stitches so that it opens out into a wrap, and it's taking forever to unravel them all!

Last up, I'm cutting out all the bits for A La Mode. I'm mostly sticking to the prints/placement shown on the pattern, but with a few minor changes as I really love the paisleys.


Renee said...

congrats on getting through those first few days of Uni! I have my placement again in 3 weeks too and I can't wait - it is a blast! I hope you enjoy it too.

julia said...

Hi Kate,
the first weeks are always hard - in your case extra hard...I hope things become routine soon...and of course good luck for the school placements, I'm sure you'll rock!
The bunny with the initial on his tummy is so cute.
Have fun playing with fabrics,

a good yarn said...

I'm sure you'll find your feet soon enough. Your bunny is adorable! Ann :-)

Rachael said...

Love the bunny!