Monday, October 25, 2010


I'm meant to be finishing off my last assignment for the semester, but the weather is so nice, you can't blame a girl for wanting to be outside. I've been pottering around in the garden, admiring the roses which have just started to bloom.

I've also been finding sneaky places to plant tomato seedlings; my vegie patch is chockers with onions and garlic still developing, gigantic silverbeet (chard) plants, and next years leeks (plus some very large herb plants).

Instead I've been rummaging around for spare pots, putting them whereever I can. I've got some in old black pots, a couple in our old recycling tub (that we used to put our bottles and cans out in), and even a few in the front garden by the chimney. All the pots were filled with soil from my compost, and I even found a few cheeky potatoes while I was digging around.

I've also put a shrubby pot tomato in a gorgeous blue pot that I scavenged during hard rubbish week; it had previously had some sort of weedy plant in it, and was full of soil and roots, but it cleaned up really well.

I've also been collecting vegies for dinner; a fresh leek perfect for a yummy risotto, and some fresh peas.

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