Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cats, Owls and Pasta

I had a delivery today that came in a long, narrow box; it didn't take Bella too long to make herself at home, right down the very end.

I'm making progress on my market sewing for next month; I've finished big owls, bunnies, and now a pack of little owls. Since I took the photo, they've been stuffed and had their squeaker inserted...just need to stitch them closed now.

I've also made some yummy home made pasta this afternoon which I'm looking forward to having for dinner. Simple and easy to make, and my recipe makes two adult serves plus a small serve of leftovers for lunch, or serves 4-5 as a side dish for something like beef stroganoff.

To make my pasta, blitz in a mixer 2 cups plain flour, 2 eggs, pinch of salt and a few slugs of olive oil. Then add some warm water and blitz till it resembles bread crumbs (the amount will vary depending on your flour). Tip onto your bench, knead until smooth, then wrap and pop in the fridge for an hour. Then use a pasta roller to roll out and cut as desired; I make mine into fettuccine.


Roseanne said...

My cat love to get into boxes as well. Going well with your market sewing. I have never made home made pasta it look very good.

a good yarn said...

Funny puddy tat! I lurve fresh made pasta. Yum! Ann :-)