Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Wrap-Up

As is tradition, I spent the Easter long-weekend in Beechworth with my mum This is just a snap-shot of the 5 day break.

As we left town on Monday afternoon, the sky looked fantastic, and was followed later by a gorgeous sunset.

We spent the weekend watching planes coming and going across the sky, leaving behind magnificent jet trails.

A few beautiful sunsets viewed from the loungroom.

The town came alive for the Easter Saturday markets.

On Monday, we happened to be in town as the Anzac Day march went through. We followed, and observed a very moving service in the gardens. Most appropriately, a cockatoo screeched overhead.

We visited one of the many local wineries, and I spotted this little catterpillar hiding amongst the vines.

The grape vines are all changing colour, and the hills looked great with all the red and gold.

On one of our regular afternoon walks (have to walk off all the wine and chocolate), I spotted some King Parrots hiding in one of the trees.

And further along, this kookaburra keeping an eye on things.

I've come home all rested and refreshed, and with a to-do list a mile long. I start my next teaching placement on Monday, so for the rest of this week I'm hoping to be very productive! Hope everyone had a lovely easter.


Lynda said...

I love Beechworth - would be so lovely in autumn. Good luck with your placement - I hope you enjoy it. Our daughter, Jenni, started her first casual one-term block yesterday (Year 1) - pretty exciting for her. She has to teach recorder to the class so we've been lucky to hear all the rehearsing.

Off The Peg said...

Looks like you had a wonderful break. Beechworth is a lovely town. Good luck with the teaching placement.