Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Love Summer!

After the coldest start to summer in over 20 years, the sun is finally shining! The cicadas are chirping and the parrots are certainly doing their bit in my feijoa trees. I'm trying hard to split my time between inside activities and outdoors jobs.

I stitched up all the offcuts from Swoon (I hate the wastage that comes from flying geese) into a big pile of HSTs....now I just need to decide what to do with them.

Swoon is basted and currently residing in the machine; my plan is to have it done by Christmas so I can hand stitch the binding while I'm away on holidays. My sewing machine has been giving me lots of trouble when I free-motion quilt (the bobbin thread catches), but apparently you can stipple with the feed-dogs up, and it seems to be working so far. The middle block is always the hardest!

The garden has completely come alive; the aggies provide a nice bit of colour against my in-need-of-a-paint fence.

Those tiny little tomato seedlings I rescued and planted have turned into mammoth plants, and they seem to be competing with a self-sown oregano plant.

There are little tomatoes hiding everywhere.

After no zucchinis last year, I've already got quite a few this year (and some of them are HUGE!).

My butter beans are already covered in flowers and tiny beans...hopefully they'll be ready by Christmas day.

My poor peach tree is so laden with fruit I've had to tie the branches to the fence to prevent them snapping off.
There are little figs tucked away.

I netted the blueberries this year and I actually get to eat these yummy little morsels.

The quinces are putting on weight, so we should have a nice winter crop.

The hibiscus are also adding a nice bit of colour against all the green.

So that's what is happening in my world at the moment. It's only 19 days till Christmas and I still have three markets to get through, and a bit of baking. Ive already baked (and eaten) a batch of shortbread....

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