Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pop Up Market

This Saturday I've got a stall at the Rock Your Stockings Pop-Up Market in Prahran, so I've been busy sewing this week after last Sunday's busy market.

I've got a few more Dr Seuss/Cat in the Hat cushions, as they seem to be extremely popular. And it seems to be adults buying them for themselves...

A couple more owls.

Outside of sewing things have been happening in the vegie patch. I found this enormous zucchini hiding yesterday; those scissors are a standard-sized kitchen pair, and this baby is over 1kg!

I was alerted to the ripening of the peaches yesterday by the wattlebirds. They're getting their share, but we have more than enough to go around. It's so nice to eat fruit that was picked only seconds earlier.

I've also just picked my first handful of butterbeans for the summer. These will be going in a stirfry tonight along with that zucchini and some home-grown roly poly carrots.


Kate R said...

Fantastic fruit and veggies again! You're doing well this year :) What do you make with all the zucchini?

Danielle said...

Hi Kate, just found your blog - lovely! Love your Swoon quilt (I have one in progress!) and your homegrown goodies look superb. I'll pop in again!

Marc Kandziora said...

Love the owls, so cuuute!