Sunday, January 22, 2012

Button Magnets and Other Bits

My magnets arrived this week, and I quickly turned those fabric buttons into button magnets. I bought a cute metal tree from Typo so it will be easy to display the magnets at markets. I might have to keep a few for my own fridge!

I've also been sorting out end-of-bolt bits of fabric, rolled them in to bundles and displayed them in my soda box. I'll be putting some bundles in the other compartments....perfect!

This is the little cot quilt I've been working on; quick and easy. It'll be coming to market as well, but I've also listed it for sale on my website.

I'm hoping to start a project for myself this week, a quilt using Circa 1934. Hopefully I get some time this arvo to start cutting it all out...


Kylie said...

Love the buttons - so cute xxx

a good yarn said...

Using the tree for those buttons is a terrific idea! The cot quilt is a real sweetie. ann :-)

Marg said...

The buttons are really cute and I love your tree idea. The fabric looks great rolled up and displayed in the soda box.
A very pretty little quilt, someone will love that.