Thursday, January 5, 2012

Changing My Mind

Is it safe to admit I lost interest in the Farmer's Wife Quilt? I really did give it a go, but I wasn't really feeling the love, so I packed it in before I got too invested. I really do love the blocks I've seen out on the web, but it was doing my head in trying to decide which fabrics to use in each block....

So I've cut all my bits of Ruby into squares instead, and I'm going to make a little lap quilt out of her. Quick and easy, and it might get my mojo rebooted for the year ahead!

It's a little while until this years markets get up and running, so I'm hoping to get this little gem done, then perhaps start on my Circa 1934 quilt.

Oh, and have you seen this years Designer Mystery BOM? I've already signed up....will you? I really enjoyed sewing along with everyone in 2009 and look forward to doing the same again this year.


Marg said...

A pity about the FW, but that's why I didn't join up. I'd still be working out which fabric to use on the first block, and I'd be too scared to make most of them.
I would kind of like to join in on the Mystery BOM but my track record is abysmal on getting anything finished and keeping up so I might just watch from the sidelines, as usual.
The Ruby is going to be beautiful in whatever you make with it, it's a gorgeous line.

a good yarn said...

Understand completely - did the same with the Bunny Hill appliques. The mystery BOM looks good but I have all of last year's quilt to catch up on. You don't mind if I watch you make yours? ann :-)

Dresden Quilter said...

Good for you for making that decision. It can be hard to do. I just bought some Ruby and I am waiting for it to arrive.