Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Market Wrap-Up and Brownies

All my markets are done and dusted for the month! I finished off with the Huckleberry Market last Sunday down in Mornington. With the easter egg hunt on, we had plenty of mums and kids through the door.

I went for a mix of fabrics and handmade, but unsuprisingly it was the fabric that walked off the table...

After Sunday's early start and a couple of days at work, today's day off was very welcome. I had a nice sleep-in, hit the gym, then headed off to a yummy afternoon tea with one of my uni friends.

Best chocolate brownie I've had in a while, and the hot chocolate was pretty awesome too.


Marg said...

Mmm Max Brenner?

IamKnitGuy said...

I must have that brownie!