Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spoiling Myself

It's probably no secret that I like to shop. I find it quite fun, unless I'm desperately looking for something, then it's just stressful. I also love to sniff out a good bargain; I try to never pay full price if I can help it. So I'd been eyeing off a cute leather travel wallet for a while, which would be perfect for my trip to Europe. It was on sale, but the website said it was sold out. But I had a little dig around in store on the weekend and managed to find the very last one! I can't wait to use it.

Despite it being quite hot at the moment (more than 8 days in a row over 30C, a record for March), I've managed to get my Cuzco quilt into the machine. It should come along quite quickly; I'm stippling in each of the squares, then I'll go back and do some wavy lines in the sashing. Easy! I really need to find a name for this quilt...any suggestions?

Bella is being her usual cheeky self; despite it being hot apparently the best place to sleep is at my feet, right up against the warm computer tower...


Robyn of Oz said...

Hi Kate, love the quilt and your wallet is a real little beauty. It should be really good for your trip.
My kitty, Chrissy likes to camp on my printer at the moment, or behind the TV. Our other cat, Civi was asleep behind me just now in exactly the same pose as Bella.

Marg said...

That looks like a great travel wallet, love the colour.
You can send some of your sun this way please.
I'm terrible at naming my own quilts so I'm not much help to you.

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Love...Love...Love that red travel wallet!

a good yarn said...

Me too! Love shopping. Love nabbing a bargain. Well done! Yes the weather has been woeful. Not inspired to stitch when it's like this. Cuzco is looking good.