Friday, June 14, 2013

Quilt Basting: Scrappy Tripalong

Basting a quilt is probably my least favourite part of the process; I hate crawling around on the floor because it makes my knees hurt, and I usually have to clear the lounge room to make enough room to spread the quilt out.

But I snagged a little down time this afternoon and it was over and done with pretty quickly, aside from a little canine help. Millie and Jack have always known that quilts are off-limits, but Lola thinks they are great for rolling around on. Normally Bella is busy trying to scoot underneath but not today.

When I baste, I always start at the bottom, and roll the quilt as I go. That way I can reach my arm underneath to guide the pin, to make sure it catches the batting but not the carpet. Then when I'm done, its already folded!

Lola spends a lot of time trying to lick Millie's face...not sure she's too impressed.

Oh, and my bestie welcomed baby number 3 today, a healthy little boy.


Dresden Quilter said...

I really need to learn to baste better! Congratulations to your bestie!

a good yarn said...

I baste on some tables joined together but end up climbing onto it which is neither easy nor comfortable. It looks great and I think the backing fabric is terrific! Congrats to your BFF and her new bub.

Robyn of Oz said...

Congrats to the bestie on her bub.
Regarding basting on the floor, invest in those gardening knee pads, or make yourself a very thick kneeling pad. I have this problem as well.
My husband solved this for me by putting a large top on an old table. I can use large bulldog clips to hold the layers together while I baste it up. If the quilt is bigger than the table, I clip it all down, baste that bit, then move the quilt across and do the same again and then if necessary, the same for the bottom bit that wasn't on the table. It's fiddly, but saves knees and back. :)