Monday, November 22, 2010

Trolley Make-Over and some Hunky Dory

This weekend just gone, I decided I needed a project which didn't require hours hunched over the sewing machine; with all the preparation for the maker's market, I'm all sewed-out, plus the weather was just beautiful. Instead I decided to makeover a trolley which I plan to use at the market.

Unfortunately, the trolley has been out in the backyard for most of its life, and the paint has faded and flaked away, leaving a few rusty patches.

So I got the trolley out on the lawn, brushed it down, and applied a coat of undercoat which is suitable for metal, left over from the filing cabinet I painted a few months back.

Then I took to it with the remaining pink spray paint. It's not perfect, its a bit bumpy where the metal had rusted, and there were a few missed patches where I couldn't get in behind the wheels. But overall, a much nice looking trolley than before; far more suitable for market. I'm not sure my mum is too impressed with her pink front lawn though....

Last night I got around to putting the binding on the Hunky Dory cot quilt. If I wasn't planning on selling it, I'd almost want to keep it!


Amy said...

Your Hunky Dory quilt turned out great!

Unknown said...

I do love a good makeover !

Aunty said...

Your Hunky Dory quilt looks gorgeous.

Jodie said...

This is an awesome make-over... What a great idea!!!

Hugs - Jodie :)