Monday, January 10, 2011

Fandango Stars

I've made a good start on Rosettes, having pieced together the stars that are the centre of each block. I'm really pleased that I went with a cream background, rather than a white, which might have been a bit too stark.

I'm now working on the ribbons for the blocks; if only I didn't need to cut out some 700 2" squares! While I'm doing that, Miss Bella is just "chilling" on my bed...nice for some!

Have you seen the sneak peek of the FQS mystery BOM for 2011? I'm thinking I might sign up for this one, given how much I enjoyed 2009. Which I must quilt one of these days...

Last up, I've put Hunky Dory and Whimsy on sale in my shop, and re-jigged the shipping costs to make them a little friendlier for smaller orders. The link is over to your right.

1 comment:

julia said...

the beginnings or the rosettes look pretty awesome...!!
700 squares...sometimes it's better not to know the numbers beforehand :)
can't wait to see your progress!