Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Spring Clean of Sorts

Yes, it's summer, not spring. My mum is on holidays this week, so we figured it was as good a time as any to blitz the house. Two adult women living in a single house can become very squishy, especially as I have bought a lot of things that I'll need once I do finally move out.

Starting Bella's Patchwork hasn't helped; all the fabrics have been living in their boxes in the little alcove that is meant to be our home's dining room. Only this alcove is so small you can fit a table, but no chairs. It would certainly make for an interesting dinner party. So this space has gradually been getting more crowded as boxes have been arriving, and filling orders gets more difficult as the stack of boxes reaches three deep.

My mum had something of a sleepless night last night, and while lying there, a plan formed: to tackle our hall cupboard and make it the new home for all those lovely bolts of fabric that have been hidden from sight until now. Our hall cupboard is a bit of an odds-and-ends heaven, where random items go to live. Everything from an old (working) mixmaster from the 70's, stockpots, Christmas decorations, and my collection of homemade jams and relishes.

We hauled everything out of there, took out all the shelves, and gave the whole thing a good clean. We live in a 50's weatherboard house, and it's very prone to being dusty.

Then the fun part; hauling all the boxes into the hall and lining up all those gorgeous bolts. There are also more bolts in the next cupboard too, so we managed to get every Moda fabric in there!

Bella is loving having so many empty boxes to play with, even just for a little while (you can just see the top of her head towards the bottom right of the photo, above the esky with all the jam jars in it).

Definitely a job well done!


Jackie's Stitches said...

It's always feels great when I tackle an organization project. To me, it looks like those bolts of fabric are just meant to be there. It's the perfect place for them.

Unknown said...

wow, those bolts are lovely

Christine said...

Wow. Your fabrics look fabulous in their new home.

Off The Peg said...

I looks great. I love a good Spring clean, even if it does happen during Summer. I did the same thing over my Christmas break. It felt so good to have a cleanse and refresh.

julia said...

a cupboard full of heaven...i don't know if i could part with these fabrics...well, maybe this is why i don't have a shop! :)