Monday, February 28, 2011

Market Wrap-Up

Melbourne turned on its best wet weather for the last market of summer yesterday. It rained all night Saturday, and continued to rain for the duration of the market, only stopping when it was time to pack up for the day.

I only managed one quick photo of the stall right at the start of the day, before the sun had even begun to show itself.

The market received quite a few visitors despite the rain, but being on the grass put quite a few off heading over towards my stall. However, I was lucky to still cover my costs, met lots more wonderful people and will be back there again next month.

My most interesting visitors were two pairs of young girls who returned to my table over and over to play with my squeaky owls; while the girls at the next stall and myself found it quite funny to start with, it got a bit annoying when they started dropping them on the ground, and they never did come back to actually purchase one. I guess thats just something that happens when you have cute toys on your table, and if I'd charged per squeak I'd have done quite well.

1 comment:

julia said...

oh, i'm sorry there wasn't THAT many customers & the weather wasn't so rosy...and maybe these girl should have received some education from their parents...honestly!
but i do understand them...the owls are just too cute!