Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Step at a Time

I've found that the easiest way to tackle Rosettes is to break it down into small chunks; you feel like you're making progress and it's more managable. I cut all the 2" squares one day, drew the diagonal lines the next, then stitched them all to the rectangles the following day. Another day was for trimming and ironing. Within each of those tasks, I break down the fabric into groups, and take a break between each. It's the only way to maintain my sanity!

Today I've finally got around to piecing the blocks, working two at a time. I've done eight of the 16 so far and I think they're looking pretty spiffy. I'm finally getting the hang of those points, too.

Whenever I leave the ironing board "alone" for too long, Miss Bella steps in to keep it company, and promptly falls asleep.

I also thought todays sunshine might be a good opportunity for a photoshoot with Millie, but she was far more intent on rolling around on the grass, or eating it, to pose for me.


julia said...

hi kate!
i know what you mean - sometimes the most gorgeous patterns are just a pain to sew (a bit boring and sometimes it drives me crazy) - so i also break the tasks down.
btw, the rosettes look "fantastabulous"...i so love them! and i realize again that fandango looks in natura totally different from the pictures you can see online...so much more cheerful!
have a wonderful sunny week,

Carol said...

Your Rosettes are WONDERFUL! Millie sure is a cutie!

Marg said...

The rosettes really show off the Fandango, they look great.
Miss Bella looks so relaxed and Millie obviously really enjoyed rolling in the grass.

onix said...

los bloques son preciosos, creo que te los copio

Leanne said...

Your finished blocks look lovely and I agree lots of points. Millie looks very much like my girls.