Friday, February 4, 2011

Wacky Weather!

No pictures unfortunately, but the south eastern suburbs have just experience a major dumping of rain, right as I was travelling home from my grandmas house. It took us almost 30 min to travel from the next suburb over, with a detour via another suburb; all the roads to my house are under water and there are dead cars bobbing all over the place. Apparently it's a results of the cyclone that's just battered QLD.

I'm very glad we were in my mum's Forrester otherwise we would have had a lot more trouble, though we did have to use the footpath to get down one street. Outside the local restaurants, cars are up to their windows in water.


Geeky Goblin said...

That rain was terrible- we got so much water coming down in such a short period of time that we had flooding inside,. Nothing like standing on sopping carpet trying to soak up water with a towel to complete your Saturday night!

julia said...

terrible to hear...oh my, i'm glad that you're safe!!!
{hugs} from afar & i'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of you,