Friday, August 9, 2013

A Good Cause: Phoebe's Sew Along

I was recently  contacted about a Sew Along that is taking place for The Phoebe Foundation and am hoping all of my lovely readers will get involved. The quilt project was initiated a few months ago in an effort to help Phoebe's mother heal from her loss, and to encourage others to creatively contribute for their reasons- some women who have joined have also lost a child, or have a child or grandchild with a heart illness.

The Foundation is looking for quilters to get involved by making a wonky cross block, or to donate any spare fabric or batting they might have. The instructions can be downloaded from here.

Please remember that these blocks will be incorporated into quilts for children under long term hospital care and/or palliative care, so think bright and cheery! Solids, stripes, polka dots are all great and simple choices for your blocks. It’s important to use fabric that does not include any FOOD or DRINK related items, as children in the hospital are often under fluid and dietary restrictions and reminders of these items can be distressing.

Completed blocks can be mailed to:
The Phoebe Foundation/Julia Rolando
Care of Kinglake Post Office
1/14 Whittlesea Kinglake Road
Kinglake, Victoria 3763

Or contact for more information.

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