Monday, August 12, 2013

The Sewing Room

So the room, though not complete, is now functional and in use. I'm loving having so much more space!

Last weekend I mounted some shelves above the desk (shelves and brackets from Ikea), and I'm gradually sorting out all my  "stuff" and getting it organised.  I've got lots of magazine holders from Smiggle to keep things neat and tidy. My desk is not so tidy at the moment but I'm working on it!

I've assembled my lovely quilt cabinet and folded all my quilts neatly; I love being able to see them all. The drawers are also nifty for hiding bits and bobs; I have no idea why I own so many pairs of sunglasses, but at least its somewhere to keep them.

I also love having a few quilts hung on the ladder. 

And I've now got a spare bed for when friends need a place to crash; I have my first house guest tomorrow!

I still need to sort a few things on top of the chest of drawers, but for now there are a few Melly & Me softies having a rest. I've also got to hang a few things on the walls to make it more homey.

Last up, I still need to get a cutting bench, but as business has been so quiet this month, it'll need to wait a little longer.

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a good yarn said...

It looks fabulous! That cupboard is adorable with all your quilts tucked up inside. Definitely worth all the effort to put together.