Friday, October 25, 2013

First Class Food

I love food, going new places and meeting new people. So when someone suggested going to Sydney to have lunch in the Qantas First Class lounge, it was such a crazy idea that I couldn't possibly say no.

I was up super-early yesterday morning to catch the train into the city, then onto Skybus to make my way to Melbourne airport. There I met two of my fellow lunch buddies, and had a quick breakfast in the Qantas business lounge.Then we were on the plane and on our way to Sydney.

Then came the important bit; meeting the rest of the group, checking in for our flight back to Melbourne, and heading into the First Class Lounge. It was my first ever visit, and I was very impressed at the entrance (which of course I took no photos of). And the view out the window is spectacular!

Of course, we were there to eat and drink (and socialise), so a quick look at the menu and I had my meal planned out.

Salt and Pepper Squid to start. I don't usually eat seafood but the calamari in the lounge is amazing.

Next up was a chilli beef with a fried egg on top.

And I finished off with a chocolate brownie, because who could possibly resist? Enjoyed with a lovely glass of dessert wine of course.

Our flight was delayed so we had a little more time to indulge in a few (more) glasses of wine and a cheese plate, then we were off again! Certainly not a bad way to spend the day.

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