Friday, October 18, 2013

I Love Fridays

Yesterday when I was at work, the weather was terrible. Today home is work, and the weather is beautiful! I've made the most of it by getting a bit of gardening done; the weeds really take over when you aren't home to keep an eye on them. The previous owners planted Ivy and it has been a constant battle over many years to get rid of as much as possible. I'm winning slowly but boy does it make me itch.

My lavender bloomed beautifully while I was away, and brings in the bees; great for all the fruit trees. Where would we be without bees?

My favourite tree is the cherry blossom; I wait all year for it to bloom, then usually the spring winds blow them all away. They're almost all gone and my front yard looks like its been snowing pink petals.

The puppies are loving the sunshine, but keeping the littlest Miss still for a photo is almost impossible.

Miss Bella is curious about the camera as always.

I did a sneaky trip to Spotlight this morning to check out Sarah Fielke's new range, Millefiori. I had to hunt around a bit but I found the prints I was looking for. Into the stash they go!

 And finally a little more progress on Star Blossoms; only four blocks to go!


Jodie said...

My cats love the camera too.

Robyn of Oz said...

Most of the pictures of old Possum had to be deleted because all you'd get was his nose, as he'd come right up to check out what was going on. Funny old thing he was!
Your lavender must be a different variety to mine - either that or the Ballarat weather doesn't agree with it. I don't get flowers until December! It's luscious and green and the stalks haven't grown yet (unless hubby has been out there with the power tools again and lopped it).

a good yarn said...

Weeds, sigh. Lavender, sigh. I can't seem to grow it here but the weeds flourish! Your fur babies look gorgeous as always. Thanks for the tip about the Sarah Fielke fabrics. I haven't been to Spotlight for ages.

Jodie said...

Gorgeous puss... I'm such a huge cat fan and your cat is simply gorgeous... :)

Sinta Renee said...

Love your photos and your Star Blossoms blocks too!