Tuesday, October 8, 2013

She's Baaaack

Finally arrived home early yesterday morning with a killer bout of jet lag. I don't seem to have mastered the ability to sleep on a plane.

I've had the most fabulous trip; London, Paris, then two weeks in Italy. I've met lovely people and eating some fabulous food. I'm going to miss my daily pasta, wine and gelato.

I don't think I could pick a favourite town, but I really did love Sorrento in Italy. Tuscany was also pretty amazing, as was Cinque Terre.

I'm getting back my business-running mojo; so many new fabrics are due in over the next week or so! Hopefully Scrumptious will be in this week.


Robyn of Oz said...

Wow Kate! Now that is a holiday. I'm with you on the Italian food as well and I've not been there - yet!
I hope you got lots of photos that you can share with us and make us jealous.
I'm one of those unlucky people that suffers terribly from motion sickness. The tablets I take are over the counter ones from the pharmacy and one of the side effects is sleepiness. The furtherest I have travelled is Beijing in two stops, and I usually end up sleeping a little during that time. It's not perfect but it helps from the point of view of being able to get into the swing of things at either end of the journey.
I'm just so jealous! :)

Marg said...

Welcome back. Now you've made me miss all that all over again from my holiday back in June/July.
I have never been able to sleep on planes. The only time I've really slept and the longest I've ever slept was about 3 hours on an 8 hour flight and that was after having two glasses of red wine.

a good yarn said...

Delighted to read that you had such a wonderful time! Sorry about the jet lag. Hope you feel better soon. That pasta looks very tasty.