Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More new fabric!

Like I've said before, I love getting things in the mail...and todays delivery was the remaining Cotton Blossoms fabric I need for the two quilts, "Sassafras" and "Wallflower". My postie is very clever, he always hides my packages so they can't be seen from the street, and it's always a nice suprise to open the wire door and have a parcel tumble out.

The second suprise in the mail today was a free kimono I was meant to get about a year ago... it was a freebie with a blanket I was given, but it never arrived. I contacted them earlier in the year....and then again last week, and finally it arrived!

I finished the Chocolat quilt top yesterday, with a minor sacrifice along the way-part of my index finger! I didn't notice it hanging over the edge of the ruler when I was trimming the inner border. Fortunately it's only a (relatively) small chunk, and should heal up ok.... Regardless, the quilt looks pretty nice. Unfortunately I don't have the space to spread the quilt out for a proper photo.

For those that asked, my birthday last week was my 25th, or my quarter century! Bizarre Quilter suggested this was a good excuse to buy fat quarters...but I think I have enough projects in the works! My "to-do" list includes:
  • Amitie Quilt
  • Chocolat Quilt
  • Sassafras
  • Wallflower
  • Catch a falling star (Fat 1/4 shop quilt)
  • Sheep quilt
  • Baby quilt for B
  • Papillion quilt (still dont have all the fabric)
  • Something with the two other jelly rolls...

And, being a bit super-productive yesterday, the remaining strawberries left over from the daquiris were turned into jam:

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Christine said...

Your chocolat quilt is beautiful. I like that the squares are on point. Hope your finger heals quickly.