Saturday, September 13, 2008


I've been up to my elbows in party preparations since yesterday; cooking, cleaning and organising. Yesterday was reasonably successful. I made mini pizzas (both meat and veg versions):
Caramel mud cupcakes:
Spinach and Ricotta Filos, which taste good, but burst open while they were cooking...:
Unfortunately, today's cooking was not so successful.... The chocolate raspberry brownie cakes were a disaster; the recipe was meant to make 8, but there was so much mix, and I was a bit silly and overfilled the cases. The top of my muffin pan ended up with a layer of cake...then to top it off, they sank in the middle... Only one made it out of the pan in one piece:

It doesn't look too bad (and actually tastes fantastic!), but its nothing I'd want to serve my guests. So the remaining cupcakes (about 14 of them) have been tossed into a bag and put in the freezer, and the lovely lady in my local quilt shop suggested that they be used in a trifle; a very good idea I think!

So to make up the shortage of cakes, I made another batch up caramel mud cakes. However, the second disaster soon followed; I wanted to ice half the cakes (leaving the rest dusted with icing sugar), and found a recipe for caramel frosting... what I ended up with was icing sugar with lumps of toffee in into the bin it went. I've given up; icing sugar will have to do!
On a more crafty note, I finally got around to buying the batting for my Amitie quilt; I just need to decide on a quilting pattern!

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Scottish Nanna said...

Hope your Birthday was a happy one Have a good time at your party tonight.the food looks soooo yummy my mouth is watering.
Hugs Mary.