Sunday, September 14, 2008

Success and Recovery

My cocktail party last night went quite successfully, as as my title says, today has been about recovery. To make it a bit more fun for my friends, I set up a cocktail menu, and organised to have my sister and one of her friends as my bartenders. That way, people could "order" whichever drink they wanted...and they all looked fantastic!

Tequila Sunrise and a Fruit Tingle (with my "bar" set up in the background):

Midori Illusion:

Japanese Slipper:

Another Illusion with a Strawberry Daiquiri:

Fortunately, almost all of the food I made was eaten; I was a little worried that I wouldn't have enough, but there were only a few mini pizzas and a couple of spring rolls left, and quite a few cupcakes; I think people were a bit full by then! I also had to cater for one vegetarian, and two pregnant girls, so that made things interesting, and unfortunately my friend C has completely gone off cheese, which of course most finger food is made with!

My cupcake tower:

Today has been mostly about catching up on sleep, and giving my throat a bit of a break; I think I did a bit much talking last night! I also finally got around to assembling the Amitie quilt (properly known as "Aunt Bec's 9 Patch", done in the "Crabapple" colour-scheme), and basting it. I bought some gorgeous metallic pins recently, so I've got to use those for the first time...and being how I am, I arranged all the different coloured pins into rows down the sashing...

The backing is the same fabric range as the sashing (Amy Buttler), just a different pattern:


Jodie said...

All of the cocktails look delicious especially the strawberry daiquiri. Sounds like your little party was a huge hit, well done!!
Love the quilt progress can't wait to see it finished.

Jodie :)

Wisdom.Courage.Love said...

Loving the quilt... i got to see it in person on the weekend and fell in love!! Only prob was they are awaiting on the some fabric. Patience is a virtue!! Cocktails look great too...

BizarreQuilter said...

Ooh! you're game! Holding a big birthday party? Did you say you are in your mid-20s?? Was this a quarter century birthday? What better reason than to buy fat quarters etc. LOL!!

It sounds like you had a great time. I hope you had help with the cleaning up.

Happy Birthday.