Thursday, December 23, 2010

Little Zip-Up Purse

I got the urge to sew today, but with only one more day until Christmas, it's not really the time to be starting any new big projects. For a while, I've been thinking about trying out a little zip-up purse, and did a bit of tutorial hunting online. I found a few, and this is what I ended up with.

It's a reasonable size, about 16cm wide and 12cm deep, and made from Fandango scraps. Handy for putting things in your handbag, such as a camera or iPod without it getting damaged.

The only problem I found it that my lining has ended up a bit bulky (too big), despite cutting everything the same size. Any suggestions from anyone whose made something like this? I might need to trim it down a little and re-sew it to make it a better fit.


Lynda said...

Hi Kate

I think linings needs to be cut a tiny bit shorter and narrower towards the bottom so they fit better. The purse is very pretty.

Merry Christmas

R said...

Hi Kate,
OOOH! Love it! I always resize mine at the end because I am lazy and not very precise.
Thanks for the comment too! So nice to see that there are other creative people about... and with a science background too! :) Medical Microbiology was mine, now i'm doing nursing. I think your blog is FAB and look forward to reading more of your wonderfulness!
Merry Christmas!

Kylie said...

Cute bag Kate - Have a merry christmas xxx

Christina D said...

I need to make a bag for our Ipod.
I learned to cut the lining 1/8 inch
smaller all the way around. Try that on the sides that don"t touch the zipper. That should help reduce the bulk. Check out Sister's Choice Quilts blog for November 23, 2010.
She has a tutorial for a bag also.
Happy Sewing

Unknown said...

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