Sunday, December 19, 2010

Market Wrap-Up

Could I have picked worse weather for my first foray into markets? Possibly, but it wasn't the best. Overcast all day, then 20 mins before closing, a massive thunderstorm. The weather seemed to keep the crowds away and it was pretty quiet, though I managed to make enough sales to make the cost of the stall worth it, and the advertising for my business was priceless.

I'm happy with how my stall looked, and I certainly had plenty of kids interested in my toys, but not so many parents willing to open their wallets. Finances are still quite tight following the GFC.

I've got chrissy stockings to offload, so if you were interested, now is your chance. $35 each including postage within Australia, $40 overseas (though they prob won't arrive in time for christmas). Email me at All the stockings are quilted on the front, have batting front and back, and are fully lined.

Bliss--Whimsy--Hunky Dory

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

Peace on Earth

So the market wasn't quite as scary as I thought it might be, and I'll probably have another go. Just need to cross my fingers for better weather!


Kylie said...

Hi Kate - Glad to see that your market went well. Even though you did not sell much it would have been great to get your name out there and known. Kylie xxx

Off The Peg said...

Hi Kate. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I saw you there today too. Your work is lovely. It was only my 2nd market so there is still lots to learn. But we did have pretty bad weather, at least the rain held off until the last moment it would have been horrible to be stuck out there with rain all day. I hope to see you around the market scene again soon!

Leanne said...

Hi Kate,
I was interested to read about your market. My friend and I are poking our toe in the market pond in Feb. Did you sell many quilts? I am hopeless at working out what to charge for my work did you have a formula? Hope you don't mind me asking it is just interesting to see how other do markets.

Unknown said...

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