Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting Started

A few months ago, I asked for suggestions for quilting the 2009 Mystery BOM. 13 months after putting the quilt together, I'm finally making a start!

Last night I sat down with a print out of the quilt and a few coloured pens, and tried to plot out what I wanted to do. I took on board the suggestions I got, as well as a fleur-based quilt stencil I found a few months back. I wanted to move away from the feather designs I've used on my previous large quilts. I decided to use the fleur stencil in the 12 monthly blocks, as well as the medium centre star.

Then I went looking for some similar stencils that I could use in the triangles of the largest centre star, and found some really nice ones. I'd almost forgotten how hard it is to manoeuvre a large quilt around in the machine; the middle is always the hardest.

But I've made a start; the centre fleur is done, as are the points on one side....and I'm loving it! Now I just need to try to get it finished before I head to the US.


Lynda said...

Well done Kate! It is looking fabulous.

Leigh said...

Hi Kate your quilt looks fantastic and you have done a great job of the quilting.
Could you tell me where you found your stencils?