Monday, June 13, 2011

Long Weekend

The bureau may have forecast a wet weekend, but we've had three days of foggy mornings and gorgeously sunny days.

It's been a super productive few days. I finally bought myself a netbook computer to take on my trip to the USA; it'll allow me to keep in touch with home, and keep track of my business as well.

We also decided this weekend was a good opportunity to do all the pruning we've been meaning to do for months; our backyard has been disappearing under the growth of quite a few native bottlebrush plants. This is the result of all that work, piled up on our naturestrip.

Now we just need to organise someone to come and collect it all!

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Marg said...

It's amazing how much difference a bit of pruning makes. When I do it I always wonder why I didn't do it earlier.
My netbook was brilliant when I went overseas. Nice and small and great to catch up on emails and to Skype with friends and family.